The Most Reliable House Construction Contractors in Dehradun

 Many people are looking for houses in Dehradun. For all such people who dream of having a Home in Dehradun, we provide all the required services starting from Planning, visualization, survey & layout, construction with material, supervision and Project Management Services

For those planning to construct a house in Dehradun, the most difficult part is to find a suitable Construction Contractor. However, finding a perfect Civil Contractor in Dehradun is like searching for water in the desert. You might find a lot of self styled experts who are into this Business these days. However, they don’t even know the basics of Civil Engineering or Building Construction domain.  

It is for the purpose of fulfilling this gap that we at Seagull Homes are focused upon providing complete Home Building Services under one Roof

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Why choose Seagull Homes

Our Motto: Quality First

Do you know that majority of the people in India don’t know how to assess the House Construction Quality ? In fact, they are almost unaware of the norms about workmanship, specifications and the right process flow.

An Article published in Business Today https://bit.ly/34giAwG writes about how most of the people suffer because of this lack of awareness. Because of this, unscrupulous Contractors & unskilled workers become the reason for a lot of future issues that cause a loss of money & peace of mind.

We at Seagull One have a definite goal; to provide the best of quality, workmanship & technical excellence at the optimum cost.

In case you plan to start building your dream home, please get in touch with us for a Free Consultation 

5 Important Points to include in a House Construction Contract


An elaborate set of specifications should be the part of a Contract to avoid the possibility of any future disputes

A well defined clause related to penalty in case of avoidable delay by the Contractor should be provided in the Contract

The Payment Plan should be included in the Contract & it should be formulated after thorough discussions & with extreme clarity as this may be a major cause of future disputes

There should be a clear cut definition of the Scope of Works with respect to auxiliary structures viz Septic Tank, Soak Pit, Underground Water Reservoir, Boundary Wall, Parapets, Pavement Tiles, Rain Water Harvesting System etc.  

Architectural & Structural Drawings should always be included as a part of the Contract so that any future disputes related to designs & specifications may be completely avoided

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